Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fill it up!

I go back to work in less than three weeks.  I have been wanting to fill up my freezer with meals so that I don't hear that most wonderful question, "What's for dinner?"  after I get home from working all day!  I have been doing OAMC(Once a Month Cooking) for about four years.  I even cook with my family where we cook 120 meals in a day for 5 families. 
After spending a few hours planning the meals, another few hours shopping, I was ready to go.  I have been doing this for about four years.  This time I wanted as many "freezer to slow cooker" meals as I could.  I also wanted to focus on healthy meals.  This is what I came up with.  If I can link it to a website, I will.  I also use four cookbooks that are specific to OAMC, though this time I didn't.

Chicken and Broccoli Bake x 2 from Once a Month Mom.  I love her website.  She has many types of OAMC menus to meet all sorts of dietary needs.
Teriyaki Chicken from Ring Around the Rosies
Salsa Chicken x 2 from Six Cents

Cumin-Cinnamon Beef Stew x 2 from Mama and Baby Love.  She just put out a cookbook, which I ordered.  This recipe is exclusively in her cookbook.  There are many others though on her website for free.
Taco Soup from me! I brown ground turkey, and dump it in a Ziploc with a cup of black beans, a cup of corn, a can of rotel, a can of diced chiles, and cumin.  I also put in a can of chicken broth.  The day I cook it, I will put another can of broth.  We like to put cheese, chives, and sour cream on the finshed project.  You can search google and get tons of variations of this.  I just throw in what I know we like.

Ginger Cranberry Pork Roast x 2 from Mama and Baby Love.  Excited to try this!

Summer Veggie Soup from Mama and Baby Love.  This is another one in her cookbook.
Southwest Rice and Beans x 2 from Once a Month Mom.  We have had this many times before.  We like it alone, in a tortilla, or with chips.
Roasted Vegetable Quinoa from Once a Month Mom.  This smelled wonderful!  Can't wait to try it.
Mexican Baked Penne from At Home woith Kim.  This time I left out the ground beef.  I am trying to feed my family less meat.  We have had this many times before with the meat and we love it.  I am curious to see of we still enjoy it as much, but I am not sure why we wouldn't!
Stuffed Peppers from me!  You can search to find a recipe you like.  I made mine with brown rice, black beans, tomato sauce, cumin, and corn.

Now, shopping details.  I shopped sales, did ad match at Wal-Mart, and I also bought reduced meat.  I am on a tight bnudget for the summer.  I spent a total of $120.00 to make all of these, plus breakfast burritos, which I need to make tomorrow.  That averages to $7.00 a meal, and $1.40 per person for my family of five.  You can't beat that.  On top of that, I feel that for the majority of these, they are healthy. 

If you do this a big suggestion I have is to buy Ziploc brand freezer bags.  They cost more, but are well worth it!

Give it a try, you won't be sorry, and let me know how it goes!

Monday, June 18, 2012

10 goals for this week

Last week I made 10 goals.  Here is how I did.

I was browsing my favorites bar and came across Money Saving Mom. I love her website and she always has great freezer meals. Today she posted about her 10 goals for the week. While I need to revisit the goals I wrote at the beginning of the year, I thought this would be easier right now. Here are my 10 goals for the week.

1. Clean out downstairs closet.   Done!
2. Clean out kitchen cabinets and get rid of what I don't use. Not yet.
3. Organize kids bookshelf. Another not yet!
4. Go through youngest child's room. Donate, trash, and store piles a must! A big woo hoo for this one!  I also reorganized and moved her furniture, looks so much better!

5. Exercise three times before the 22nd! Eliptical once for 20 minutes.  Does swimming count? 
6. Drink 64 ounces of water each day. Most days....
7. Update blog with pictures and revisit goals from March. Dang it, not done yet!
8. Schedule Dr appointment.Wow, I didn't do so well on my goals.....

9. Take the kids to the library and then ice cream. (They have been asking for 3 weeks for ice cream!) Yeppers!
10. Plan a date night! Ahh, no!

What are your goals?  Either I set too high of expectations on myself or I stink!  I am keeping the rest of these for this week that I did not get to.  Here's hoping I can cross them all off!