Sunday, December 26, 2010


December brought the wrap up of Alyssah's volleyball season and the end of Eddy's first half of the season of soccer. Trinity sang with her class at school. Alyssah was in a play at school. Our kids keep up quite busy, but we love it as much as they do.


Eddy, Lil' Eddy, and I went to the NASCAR race with my two brothers and ex-brother-in-law. That is always a great time!

Every Thanksgiving we go to Camp Verde to spend the day with Eddy's grandparents. The kids have a blast playing in their big yard, and playing with their cousins. On our way home we stop by my dad's house for dessert. It is a very busy and long day, but one we look forward to each year.


Kids kept us very busy this month.

Eddy is playing club soccer. He has practice three times a week and one or two games each weekend. Unless it is a tournament weekend, then we can have up to five games in a weekend.
Alyssah is involved with Girl Scouts and the theater group at our school.
Trinity is still playing rec soccer for the city we live in.

We were lucky enough to get out of town on a soccer free weekend. It happened to coincide with our school fall break. We took a trip to Fool Hollow Lake near Show Low. We were there three nights. We have a very nice, relaxing, family time! We hiked, fished, hid a geocache, and the normal camping things like smores. Here are some pics. Oh, and we saw our first tarantula!

Eddy and I also celebrated our 14th Anniversary!


I am so behind on my blog! So,I have decided to write a few posts on what we have been up to each month.

September was a rough month. We had to short sell our home and we closed during September. I am so grateful that we were able to short sell it. However, it was with so much many emotions! When we purchased the home almost three years ago, we thought we would be there a very long time. Little did we know that my husband would lose his job. I was very concerned about how our move would affect our three kids. They have been great, thankfully. We moved in with my sister-in-law who was so wonderful to share her home with us. There are seven of us there, but it has been a blessing. I am so thankful that God knows our plan, even if I don't. :)

Now for the good:

Trinity started playing soccer this month.

My husband celebrated his birthday!

We are all healthy, and we have many people who love us!

Trinity just kicked it!