Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't be a hater!

Today I went grocery shopping and one of the cashiers was just not nice. You see, I use coupons, and at one store my total was $20.48, after my coupons. I saved $54.78. It was like she was annoyed that I was saving money and keeping to a budget for my family! I just don't get why some cashiers have to be rude about using coupons. I don't try any sneaky things while using them, I follow the store coupon guidelines, yet I felt like I was being punished. Well, I just had to rant and rave for a few minutes.

Now, show me the money....Here are my savings today. I went to two stores.
Safeway - SAVED 67%, SPENT $15.15 and SAVED $30.74
Fry's - SAVED 100% SPENT .67 on tax for 8 free items, SAVED $18.42
Fry's - SAVED 73%, SPENT $20.48, and SAVED $54.78

This is what I got for free
6 Reach toothbrushes
6 Reach dental floss packs
5 Listerine pocket packs
2 bottles liquid hand soap
2 boxes whole wheat pasta
2 boxes Post cereal
1-4count Fiber one yogurt

Maybe next time I should offer to shop for the grouchy cashier!

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  1. Go you!!! Look at all of those fantastic savings!!!! I'm impressed! I always get so excited when I look at the bottom of the receipt and see how much I've saved! :) I hope you are having a fantastic summer!!!