Thursday, June 24, 2010

CoverGirl and Olay BzzReport

I am a BzzAgent and occasionally receive sample products to try, tell people about, and have fun! Recently I was a BzzAgent for CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless products. I tried the corrector, concealer, foundation, and blush. I love the corrector and concealer. With three kids and a busy schedule, you can bet I don't get enough sleep. The corrector and concealer did a fantastic job at covering the dark circles I so frequently have. I highly recommend these products! Let me know if you try them and what you think!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't be a hater!

Today I went grocery shopping and one of the cashiers was just not nice. You see, I use coupons, and at one store my total was $20.48, after my coupons. I saved $54.78. It was like she was annoyed that I was saving money and keeping to a budget for my family! I just don't get why some cashiers have to be rude about using coupons. I don't try any sneaky things while using them, I follow the store coupon guidelines, yet I felt like I was being punished. Well, I just had to rant and rave for a few minutes.

Now, show me the money....Here are my savings today. I went to two stores.
Safeway - SAVED 67%, SPENT $15.15 and SAVED $30.74
Fry's - SAVED 100% SPENT .67 on tax for 8 free items, SAVED $18.42
Fry's - SAVED 73%, SPENT $20.48, and SAVED $54.78

This is what I got for free
6 Reach toothbrushes
6 Reach dental floss packs
5 Listerine pocket packs
2 bottles liquid hand soap
2 boxes whole wheat pasta
2 boxes Post cereal
1-4count Fiber one yogurt

Maybe next time I should offer to shop for the grouchy cashier!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrifty Thursday 6/17

Thrifty Thursday June 17

My thrifty tip for today is buy discounted meat. Any time I grocery shop I look in the meat department for fresh meat that is marked down. Most of the time you can get it for half of the cost. Then I just take it home and freeze it. Always check the dates though, although I've never seen an out of date package. Then I plan my meals around that meat within the next few weeks if I can. I have done this at grocery stores and Sams and Costco. Good luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday June 13

Summer is in full swing and I am so glad to return to Menu Planning. I try to menu plan as much as possible when I am working during the school year, but my blog is neglected a bit. Last week I posted a few breakfast recipes. They are still in the freezer and the kids are still eating them. So this week I am only posting dinner. Enjoy. Be sure to visit for many fabulous recipes for whatever your diet/menu needs are.
Monday - Healthified Mexican Pasta Skillet (with ground turkey)
Tuesday - Turkey chili
Wednesday - Southwestern Egg Rolls (Recipe from 200 under 200 from Hungry Chick, will post recipe later)
Friday - Out
Saturday - Pizza

Have a great week!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thrifty Thursday 6/10

Thrifty Thursday 6/10
Looking for FREE samples? Check out Wal-Mart's website for free samples. It is easy. The samples change often, so check back regularly.

Thrifty Tip: Make your own fruit and vegetable cleaner. In a bowl combine 1 cup water, 1 cup distilled white vinegar, 1 tbsp baking soda, and 20 drops grapefruit seed extract. Mix well and transfer to a spray bottle. Spray on fruit or veggies and let sit for 5- 10 minutes. Rinse well and enjoy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breakfast is served!

Hello blog! So nice to see you again! The school year kept me a little busier that I would have liked. My blog was put on the back burner. So, with the return of summer vacation, here is the return of my blog. Yeah!

My kids are not cereal eaters. Which is fine by me.
Last night I stocked my freezer with breakfast options for the kids.

Whole wheat waffles- These are common in our house. They are healthy, and the kids like them. I use applesauce instead of oil. I also add flax seed.

Strawberry-kiwi muffins - I like the fruit in these. I use whole wheat flour in these and I only use 1 cup of sugar.

French toast sticks - These are new. The recipe linked says toddler french toast sticks, just don't let your older kids read that part. :) This was my first time making these, so I stuck with the recipe. Next time I will not add the sugar. I do not see the purpose.

So after three hours of work, my kitchen was a mess, but I was happy with the outcome. What do you stock your freezer with?