Saturday, March 20, 2010


On March 1, Eddy was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at his school. The students had to apply to be part of NJHS. In order to qualify for NJHS, students need to have outstanding performance in scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. His Dad and I are so proud of his hard work! Way to go Eddy!
Eddy receiving his certificate from our principal.
I think he was as proud as we were!

There's a first for everything...

A couple of weeks ago Alyssah fell out of her chair at school and bumped her head on the desk. The result was a black eye, her first and hopefully last! I promised I wouldn't post the pictures on Facebook, but she never mentioned the blog. :) It took about a week and a half for her eye to return to normal color.

Trinity's 5th Birthday

We celebrated Trinity's 5th Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's on Valentine's Day(her actual b-day). I did not think it would be crowded, but you would have thought they were giving away food! Trinity had a super time and we are thankful for family who could come!

Poppy made Trinity's beautiful cake.

Aunt Cindy bought Trinity everything she needed for T-Ball, and it was all PINK!

Poppy and Nana got Trinity a Fur Real puppy and a beautiful dress.

Nina got Trinity a Nerf Gun. Now she and Eddy can battle!

Eddy on the horse.

Cousins being silly, Alyssah and Faith.

Uncle Mychal on his favorite game.


Aunt Cindy, Mema, and Nina. Alyssah, Faith, Caleb, Tina, and Tony.

Steve, Christina, and Nana.

Aunt Mary, Poppy, and Trinity.

Thank you everyone for coming and for my awesome gifts!