Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

This is the first time I am participating in WFMW. I have lingered a long time.
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This is not just a summer tip - but an anytime tip!
It seems when all of my children reached about 4 they started to have bad dreams. Last night I was reminded of a trick I used with my older two children. "Sweet Dream Spray" Lately my 4 year old has been having bad dreams. I tried other "tricks" to help her have good dreams from prayers to special stuffed animals. Last night I remembered that I use to use a body or room spray as "Sweet Dream Spray" to help my children have sweet dreams. So last night I found some body spray from Bath and Body Works, told my youngest about it, and then we sprayed some in her room. Guess bad dreams last night and her room smelled great! I will do whatever it takes to help my kids sleep soundly.


  1. A well rested child means a well rested parent--great tip and so easy! Hope to see you over may way one of these days...

  2. Great tip! I'll keep it in mind for when my kiddos get a bit older. Thanks! :)

  3. A great spray for night time is lavender as it is relaxing. Another spray is your perfume as it reminds the kids of mum while they are sleeping!
    You can buy special sleep sprays but they aren't particularly cheap.