Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Hey there! Sorry this is many things going on here.

Wal-Mart online is a great place to get free samples. Go here to see what they are giving away right now. If you see a deal, sign up fast because they go quickly. They also change. Yesterday I got a free roll of TP and wipes!

Do you like Hidden Valley Dressings? Go here to download a cookbook from Hidden Valley.

Go here for a Healthy Lunch Box Recipe Guide. All you need is two UPC codes from Ziploc products. Now I just need to go and buy one more Ziploc product. (I only have one right now.) There are also other offers to sign up for!

Thrifty Tip:
Clean out your pantry regularly. It seems simple, but when you have a small pantry like I do, sometimes things get pushed to the back. Then when you go to use them...they have expired. Sadly, I had to throw out three items this week...taco shells, jello singles, and broth.

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