Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Friday!

Here are some updates of what happened around here this week.

Big brother - Still kickin' away with soccer.
Big sis - Had her first volleyball game this last week. She is getting better each game and we are excited to see her growth.
Lil'sis - Swim lessons are done. Her instructor made the comment that she had "great enthusiasm". Is that a nice way to say she is hyper? :)
Exciting news - The school I teach at will offer a pre-k class for 4 year olds. So that means Lil' sis can now come to school with the rest of us. Yeah! She is super excited! So are Big brother and sister - now they can sleep 20 minutes more each morning!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I meant to visit your site a long time ago!! Argh! Sorry it took so long. I LOVE it!! Can't wait to read more. Miss you!!


  2. That's great that you all can go to the same school now, all your babies under one roof! And hurray for the extra sleep too! ;)